April 19, 2015

Happy Ellen-Melon. (*****)

Good Evening,

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There's a flash new mind and body studio which opened up a couple of blocks away from where I live that work introduced us to. Happy Melon is the name and the studio is produced by the man who brought Lululemon to Australia. Mecca support centre employees were invited to a sneak peek of the studio a couple of days prior to their grand opening.

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The space is gorgeous - there was a lot of ooh-ing and ahh-ing as we were taken on a tour of the facilities.

 photo IMG_6180.jpg

The meditation room.

 photo IMG_6227.jpg

Tea in the hallway… They also have a sparkling water tap (!).

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I participated in the yoga class which was more fun than how I remember yoga to be, the instructor was great.

Mecca have said that the company will generously be providing every employee a class a week for the rest of the year… Such a delicious offer, I feel so lucky that it's 5 minutes from my house! In the meantime though, Happy Melon have a free week's trial on offer to anyone. I signed my mom and I up and we've been to a few classes over the week.

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On Thursday night we attended the Dynamic Fitness class where it was just us, two others and the instructor. It was a lot of fun and the intimate class size meant that we got a lot of attention and the instructor catered each circuit exercise to our capabilities. It was a very decent workout but my mom and I left feeling great as stretching and meditation were incorporated into the session. The Dynamic Fitness was my favourite class out of all I trailed.

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Fancy changing rooms featuring Mecca Cosmetica products.

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My mom post Pilates class on Saturday morning. I'd never done Pilates before, nor did I have any prior knowledge on the practice… So I was surprised to see that it involved using machinery! In my uneducated head it was a more physical version of yoga but I was mistaken. This was also an intimate class of 6 participants which was good, I almost liked it as much as the dynamic fitness class but it was less demanding on the body.

Earlier tonight my mom and I attended the "Yin" yoga session which accommodated a pretty full room of around 20 people. I'm a total novice when it comes to yoga but to my understanding this "Yin" yoga is a Chinese variation which promotes wellness through holding positions for a prolonged time, bringing attention to specific parts of the body. At 90 minutes, it was pretty long and slow… Quite a relaxing way to spend a Sunday evening though.


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It was a team mate's final day with us on Wednesday! We went out for a lunch (Feast of Merit) and then drinks after work. It's sad when colleagues leave your team… This full-time work environment is weird… When I come to think of it, these are the people who I spend most of my time with… I spend more time with them than I do with my family and friends! I ought to be grateful that my team are a bunch of lovely ladies.


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To congratulate ourselves on the launch of Urban Decay at Mecca Maxima, we all gathered downstairs for a drink. We actually had drinks and cheese a couple of days prior for my workmate's farewell… Getting spoiled at Mecca.


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Had a quick dinner with Dean at Colonel Tan's on Friday night before the same space transforms into Revolver. Not that I hog his time usually but I had to leave him alone this weekend so that he could squeeze as much study in before his CPA exam coming up.


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After that Pilates class that I mentioned earlier, my mom and I grabbed a salad from Pressed Juices as a snack… I was skeptical but it was delicious!

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For lunch my mom drove us down to Hampton to a French Cafe, Eclair. I took a nap in the car and I woke up with super smelly breath after consuming that garlic-y salad - ha gross. The French onion soup totally masked that garlic-y taste in my mouth, it was very rich and tasty.

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For dessert we shared a delicious apple and plum pastry.

 photo IMG_6253.jpg

And took away an assortment of eclairs to have later in the afternoon.

I feel like that now I'm kinda getting into exercise (who would have thought!) I should start making wise dietary choices… and by that I don't mean getting into that whole 'clean eating' thing but at least stop eating so much junk… Speaking of which, we bought two boxes (4 x 2) of the new espresso Magnums (sooooo good!) but didn't even win a free ice cream (there's supposed to be a 1 in 6 chance of winning!).


April 11, 2015

3 Years (*****)

Good Evening,

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The weekend after the double weekend last week (Easter) is already feeling awfully short. If I were ever to rule the country I'd make weekends 3 days long.


On Monday my mom took my brother and I to a new Korean BBQ place in Elsternwick… I think it was called Gu.E (?!?!) or something difficult to remember like that. We ordered off the menu but the banquets sounded great and were such a bargain ($50~$70 for two people) - defs will be back for the set menu.

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It was Dean's mom's birthday on Wednesday - we got her flowers from Daily Blooms, a flower delivery service where they have a daily bouquet depending on what they can source. I'd sussed out their Instagram and they seemed to have pretty good taste but the arrangement on Wednesday was a bit of a dud in comparison… I thought they looked like supermarket flowers and my boss said they looked plastic, haha. A bunch of girls at work thought they were beautiful though. That night I attended her birthday dinner at 400 Gradi, the second one in Crown.


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The following day it was mine and Dean's 3 year anniversary! He picked me up from work and took me to a Teppanyaki restaurant (I think it's called Teppanyaki Inn?) - It was a different kind of dining experience so it felt quite celebratory. I'd recommend the vegetarian dinner set! Compared to Dean's meat/seafood set I got a lot more variety and more food in general. Between the two of us I think we consumed a whole garlic or two… My mom could smell the garlic as soon as I got home and even the next day she said my not only my breath but my whole existence stunk. No regrets though! The fried garlic was delish. Everything was delish.

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They put a little sparkler on our dessert too, cute!

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As a surprise Dean took me to see The Lion King after dinner! He had told me he had organised something and The Lion King was the first thing that came to mind, ha he's not so good at surprises but I'm glad I was right! We'd both been when we were kids (10+ years ago?!) but you could appreciate it so much more as an adult, it was spectacular! Rafiki was brilliant - she was definitely the star of the show for me. Because this was during the school holidays there were a lot of children in the audience… We sat behind an annoying little boy who kept asking his mom what was happening, towards the end of the show when Mufasa was long gone he said really loudly, "Mufasa… DEAD?!" and made everyone laugh… Must admit that was kinda cute but still, kids are annoying and more annoying are their parents who don't teach them manners.

Anyway thank you to Dean for a lovely date night! 3 years! I feel like 3 years is entering "long-term relationship" territory - crazy. It's been that many years and we haven't even had a fight yet, we are a union of peace, ha… I like that about us.


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Admiring the matching packaging of the Diptyque and Mecca Cosmetica products in the bathrooms at work… Lovely!

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On Friday night we went out for Shenia's birthday dinner at Portello Rosso. Such a pleasure as always to spend time with these three ladies.

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We had a nice tapas meal but the two things I had pre-ordered in my head were both gone from the menu! I was in so much shock.

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Bianca and I shared a sundae from Max Brenner for dessert - their sundaes are so underrated!


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Today my dad took my brother and I out for the opposite of brunch… A meal between lunch and dinner at 4PM at Chin Chin. It was pretty much a full house by 4:15 and by the time we walked out at 5:30 there was a line of approximately 25 people?! Chin Chin has got to be Melbourne's favourite restaurant… I bet if you asked every Melburnian where their favourite restaurant was, Chin Chin would come in as being the most popular.

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My brother's super nice lab-mate was working so we got a few bonus dishes!

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Everything was yum but I especially loved this dessert!

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My dad and I followed my brother to his workplace for a drink before going home. Hihou is a bar by the people behind Izakaya Den - It's so tucked away… There's no way-finding outside and you have to ring an intercom to enter! I was surprised to see that there were people inside but I suppose in this day and age, digital word of mouth is so powerful.


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