October 4, 2015

UnREAL. (****)

Good Afternoon,

 photo IMG_1884_zpszptscnde.jpg

Three cheers for the return of warm weather! Yay for not looking like you've got the same handful of outfits on rotation because of having to wear coats! Yay for not feeling uneasy walking alone in the dark at 7pm! Yay for bare limbs and lightweight clothes! Yay for everyone generally being in a better mood!


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Finally starting to get free stuff through my Instagram account, woohoo #sellout #noshame. The Peach Box sent a couple of goodies my way (the jewellery pieces featured in the above photo). Check out their online store: http://www.thepeachbox.com if you fancy anything you can get 15% off using my discount code: "tpb-ellennakamura" - it's valid until the end of October.


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Had a Team Love feast at Baby to welcome our new manager! It was very delish and food coma inducing.


 photo IMG_9371_zpsh2ifkhrh.jpg

Hanami BBQ season at the Nakamura household.


 photo unreal_zpsqis9yysv.jpg

It was a public holiday on Friday. I spent it watching the entire first season of UnREAL… all ten episodes. It's a dark comedy drama created by a former producer of the American series of The Bachelor. It exposes the reality of reality TV and shows the great lengths heartless producers go to in order to manipulate contestants. Gah, it's so good. I recommend to all fellow Bachelor junkies.


 photo IMG_9473_zpsajxmyfep.jpg
 photo IMG_9506_zpshanb2ogy.jpg
 photo IMG_9500_zpskspowwoc.jpg
 photo IMG_9470_zpsozrch84b.jpg

Saturday was the first beach day since last summer. Dean and I went down to Half Moon Bay - it was surprisingly quiet (thank you AFL grand final). We munched on greasy fish and chips by the beach and relaxed in the sun. I had intentions to go for a swim but I could only go up to my knees, the water was freezing!

 photo IMG_9509_zpshszwbukn.jpg

I introduced Dean to Oasis Bakery since we were in the area after leaving the beach.

 photo IMG_9512_zpsrobzc2wh.jpg

We later grabbed ice-cream from Bibelot! Their ice cream is amazing! Maybe better than Messina! I had the cafe au lait with caramelised almonds.


September 27, 2015

The Arrival of Miss Colossi. (*****)

Good Evening,

 photo IMG_1861_zpsgxjbmxqf.jpg

Last Sunday. Had tea and coffee with Dean in Collingwood. I was itching to pop into the nice furniture stores in the area after having just signed the contract for my future apartment but they were closed by the time we finished at the cafe. It was then that awkward time when retail stores are closing and restaurants weren't yet open, we ended up just walking down the residential streets of Fitzroy.

 photo IMG_9078_zpsydbyddep.jpg
 photo IMG_9110_zpskdrcbq8d.jpg

Dean joined my family for dinner at Jim's Greek Tavern.

 photo IMG_9075_zpsfysavvfu.jpg

Oh my gosh, take me back to last week.


 photo IMG_9104_zps6mdijuuw.jpg

Celebrated our new manager's birthday with Messina ice cream cake, it was so good… I was shamelessly greedy and had three servings.

 photo IMG_9119_zpsnbkkvrof.jpg

and later just a scoop from the parlour for good measure.


 photo IMG_9356_zpscvgmkhwg.jpg

GUYS. Say hello to my new baby girl, Miss Colossi! She finally arrived on Friday after I had been in talks with the bike shop since December of last year! She's a custom painted, handmade Colossi track frame that Gear Brisbane organised for me and built up as a 3 speed commuter bike. I'm so in love, so pleased that they were able to make my dream bike a reality even on my tight budget!

 photo IMG_9127_zpsohxcdsfw.jpg

Dean came in handy yesterday and was able to do the final assembly of the bike!

 photo IMG_9125_zpseljxgwuc.jpg

This little unexpected detail makes me so happy!

 photo IMG_9122_zpsyse1ylfv.jpg

This kills me! AHH! I'm not sure but I think I may have chipped the paint un-boxing the package…

 photo IMG_9123_zpsfctqmmih.jpg

Luckily I was able to colour match with a Mecca nail polish to cover it up… It isn't perfect but it'll do.

 photo IMG_9360_zpsxa4wphem.jpg
 photo IMG_9150_zpsxax6ytuu.jpg
 photo IMG_9359_zps0vwmdiwb.jpg


 photo IMG_9358_zpsqja8bcdr.jpg
 photo IMG_9266_zpsatqusrby.jpg
 photo IMG_9247_zpsba6flsjn.jpg

Took Miss Colossi out for a spin down the beach from South Melbourne down to Brighton and back with Dean and Mister Colossi. I needed to get used to the bike away from cars before I started commuting to work on it - it feels so different to Miss Papillion, so much more nimble but straining on the back and neck. Defs gained confidence riding down the beach, I was able to ride into the city and back on the road today!

 photo IMG_9363_zpsvfwkgtlc.jpg

Thank you and farewell to Miss Papillion! She has served me well for the past 3 years on my daily commute. Stripped of all her stickers, she's ready to be passed on to her new home. Ahh, I'm actually feeling quite emotional.

 photo IMG_9132_zpsfkxlejhc.jpg

Had lunch with Dean at Chez Dre.


 photo IMG_9361_zpszpuvnd86.jpg

Caught up with girlfriends over lunch at The Grain Store today - this place is so worth the wait.


P.S. The first season of the Australian Bachelorette is pure gold, I'm so hooked!! I'm #TeamRichie and #TeamDave at this moment in time. Will is bizarre - we need him to stay, I'd like it if he got a single date with Sam.

September 20, 2015

First Home Buyer. (*****)

Good Afternoon,

 photo IMG_1821_zpsnnyenatp.jpg

So yesterday I made my biggest financial commitment of my life so far…

 photo IMG_9054_zpsdgwr92lw.jpg
 photo IMG_9043_zpsggjlpffl.jpg

I signed a contract to buy an apartment off the plan!

 photo IMG_9069_zpsp1idia2y.jpg

My dad captured the moment of truth… I actually ended up reading the 170+ page contract as well as have my lawyer read through it so I could sign with confidence.

I'm going to pay my 10% deposit in the next week and go into hardcore saving mode until settlement in late 2016… I've set myself a goal to reach an LVR of 80% (to broaden my home loan options and dodge the mortgage insurance) which will be hard but not impossible. I'm a pretty low-maintenance person but there are things I can definitely eliminate from my spendings such as buying clothes and eating out! Wish me luck!


 photo IMG_9029_zpsoj0qably.png

For a little juxtaposition… My new bike is finally completed and is on its way to me! It's been a looooong time coming… I've been in talks with the bike shop (Gear Shop Brisbane) since December of last year… I'd only known about the apartment a few weeks prior to buying it, haha.


 photo IMG_9024_zpswq4pbafk.jpg

It's really warming up in Melbourne! My workmate and I went for an ice cream run during the week to Jimmy Grants, this chocolate baklava soft serve with salted caramel sauce is exclusive to their Richmond shop.


 photo IMG_9063_zpsvuyabms1.jpg

Obarie (my grandma) and her brother are in Melbourne for the weekend! We've been eating very well since Friday night…

 photo IMG_9037_zpsphkkhofk.jpg
 photo IMG_9040_zps7omvzksx.jpg
 photo IMG_9041_zpsrgzo5wkv.jpg

Had the sushi and tempura course at Tempura Hajime (each piece of tempura is freshly fried in front of us and presented one at a time).

 photo IMG_9050_zpsjmms7k9u.jpg
 photo IMG_9052_zpsjjwblqxx.jpg

Lunch at Industry Beans.

 photo IMG_9067_zpsavtt7zti.jpg

and a tapas feast at Portello Rosso last night.

We have one last meal with them tonight… Anyone who knows my dad will know where we'll be taking our guests.


September 13, 2015

Reserved. (****)

Good Evening,

 photo IMG_1850_zpsmywdp2yp.jpg

It's been a frantic week… I've been engaging with real estate agents, mortgage brokers and lawyers in order to secure an off the plan apartment that I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago. I've got the unit reserved and if everything goes to plan, I should be signing the contract this week! It's happened so quickly! It may sound like an impulse buy but I've had my eye out for new developments for the past year whilst saving up and there hasn't been anything within my budget in locations I'd be comfortable living in. The thought of getting myself ready to purchase a property in the space of a week was daunting but it's been a breeze so far - my mortgage broker came to my house after business hours, kept in touch over the phone and e-mails until I got pre-approval for a home loan! I didn't even have to meet with my lawyer, all I had to do was shoot through the scary 170 page contract via e-mail and he responded within a couple days with legal advice (how can one read so quickly?). To those who tell me that apartments aren't a good investment… a) They're all I can afford without compromising lifestyle b) What a first world problem! I'd happily and gratefully live there for the rest of my life if I had to.

 photo IMG_9006_zpsvfz0qjbh.jpg

The bathroom of the display suite, not too shabby aye!

I might be a first home buyer by my next post! Exciting times.


 photo IMG_8972_zpsn2sewes8.jpg

The company I work for was announced by BRW to be the second best place to work in Australia! I'm not surprised, we're pretty well looked after (I mean look - celebratory Haighs chocolate)!


 photo IMG_8979_zpsysidqdke.jpg
 photo IMG_8984_zpsqhxusrv9.jpg

My workmates and I attended Sex, Drug & Helvetica - a design conference on Friday. The day was spent listening to industry professionals talk us through the process of one of their projects. I enjoyed listening Nick from Projects of Imagination, he was pretty hilarious and I've always loved their work … every restaurant they produce is a hit, and I think their branding (design + interior) really is a big factor in the success of the businesses. We also got to listen the graphic designer who did the recent redesign of Airbnb which was super interesting.

 photo IMG_8980_zps3k35hcum.jpg

We had lunch at Akachochin. Totally winning with my choice of meal!


 photo IMG_9011_zpse8akdrne.jpg

I haven't any photos (apart from the above) but I've just come home from a day at the hot springs with my workmates! It was sooooooo perfect, I feel so relaxed (but a bit itchy in spots I forgot to apply sunscreen…) I'd totally go every week if I lived closer…

 photo IMG_9012_zps8qpofoed.jpg

A little beagle having the time of his life on the drive back towards Melbourne. Can't get over how blissful the weather was today.


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