September 13, 2014

In-house Photoshoot Extra. (****)

Good Evening,

 photo IMG_9495_zps28d12ab4.jpg

This is a dress from Kuwaii I recently purchased at a sale.

 photo IMG_9502_zpscc04cdfd.jpg

I know it's so two seasons ago but I like the sheer panel on this.


 photo IMG_9516_zpse39162e9.png

Found a photo that got taken of me during MSFW... I didn't like my outfit that day, I was lazy in the morning and took whatever jacket in case it got cold...


 photo IMG_9515_zps9a5d6639.png

The new Mecca website launched this week!! Das me in the photo above.


 photo IMG_9527_zpsa93c409d.jpg
 photo IMG_9526_zpsa6990ed8.jpg

Dean and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Tonka on Tuesday night. I'm a massive fan of Coda so I've been meaning to dine at Tonka (their sister restaurant) for a bit.

 photo IMG_3078_zps8b1e9c2e.jpg

Like Coda, really nice vibes. They were booked out for that night but we tried our luck at the non-reserved counter, I arrived first and secured us seats at the bar... I got asked a million times if I wanted to order a drink to which I replied that I'd wait for Dean each time (only waited 10 mins for him), they were weirdly persistent and made me feel awkward.

 photo IMG_3068_zps9e80550c.jpg
 photo IMG_3071_zpse724ab8b.jpg
 photo IMG_3073_zpsa2be5aaa.jpg
 photo IMG_3074_zps767e6d64.jpg
 photo IMG_3080_zps952f99a3.jpg

Everything we ordered was a success! I can't pick a stand out favourite because they were all so perfect. I want to go back already. The only downside to Tonka were a few staff members... We witnessed a waitress arguing and being very defensive with a family, it was very unprofessional.


 photo IMG_3087_zps82595bf9.jpg

OH MY GOSH. It was a nice day on Wednesday so I decided to ride my bike down to Bridge rd (totes forgot about that steep hill...) during my lunch break and I discovered the Tofu Shop! They're a healthy vegetarian cafe and they make their own tofu... You pay for the size of a bowl/container and you can choose what to fill it with. I tried a bit of everything and it was sooooo tasty, healthy food had never tasted SO GOOD!!! Hands down the best vegetarian eatery [that I've been to...] in town.

 photo IMG_3092_zpse66acdd1.jpg

Another amazing lunch break lunch, my favourite salad from Meatball & Wine Bar... Could eat this everyday.


 photo IMG_9539_zps39f1c77c.jpg

On Friday morning the BRW Best Places to Work (in Aus) ranking was released... MECCA placed at #5! Crazy! (though considering how much we're spoiled, I'm not surprised). #1 retailer! Wish I had been in support centre when it was revealed to see everyone's reaction.

 photo IMG_9547_zpsbe1f6744.jpg
 photo IMG_3095_zps228d4b9b.jpg

Instead, I was out at a design conference, "Sex, Drugs & Helvetica" with the team. There were 7 local and international industry professionals speaking about their history and a selected project each in detail. Their passion and talent was very inspiring.

 photo IMG_3094_zps3a3293c1.jpg

For lunch we ate at Akachochin, they have a $20 lunch menu!

 photo IMG_9549_zps01930633.jpg

After the conference I met up with Shenia on Bourke st. I had a quick glimpse of the Mecca windows for Myer, they looked spectacular! If you look very closely into this window you'll see teeny tiny Ellen in the background, haha.

 photo IMG_3098_zpsec6ce88f.jpg

Shenia and I had a casual dinner at Guzman... I'd been craving fast food Mexican for some time.


September 8, 2014

Baies. (***)

Good Evening,

 photo IMG_9452_zpsd730a34d.jpg

Popped into Mecca on Sunday for a last minute father's day gift for my father (CDG - Amazing Green) and while I was there...

 photo IMG_9482_zpsdbef39d8.jpg

I bought a gift to myself for hitting my 6 month milestone at Mecca. My now-boss gave me this Baies candle (now a brush holder) after my mini-internship week and I had it burning while wishing and working hard to get that full-time position. This scent reminds me of how grateful I am to be where I am and to me, is the happiest smell in the world!

^ lol, that paragraph reads funny in the context of my blog (I copy/pasted my caption from Insta). It's a Diptyque room spray by the way... I did one spray above my bed before I went to sleep last night and I could still smell it in the morning! Bliss!

 photo IMG_3046_zps874098d6.jpg
 photo IMG_3061_zps35b6229f.jpg
 photo IMG_3056_zpsdceade9e.jpg

We had a lovely father's day dinner at Punch Lane in the city, the place suited my dad's taste perfectly (I totally take credit in choosing the restaurant).

 photo IMG_3050_zpsfdf35069.jpg
 photo IMG_3051_zpsb81bb1d3.jpg
 photo IMG_3052_zps52dd4bd8.jpg
 photo IMG_3058_zps645bd499.jpg
 photo IMG_3059_zps51ec5fe1.jpg
 photo IMG_3060_zps78709e00.jpg

Every single dish was delicious! I don't think I can fault this place based on our experience last night.


September 7, 2014

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. (*****)

Good Afternoon,

 photo IMG_9385_zps148ada5e.jpg

Channel 9 camera crews were in my workplace during the week, the footage aired this morning.

 photo photo_zps51befa65.jpg

During the week I also had another team work excursion to see a documentary at ACMI as a part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, I cannot recall the name of the documentary but it was about fashion week in Paris earlier this year, it was a fun watch and it got me excited about my trip to Paris next year... It also made me wish that I was rich.

 photo IMG_9398_zpsaeeccee9.jpg

Beautiful flowers around the office this week, these were on my desk... I hope they're still as pretty when I go back tomorrow!

 photo IMG_2997_zpseaf5da94.jpg

Midweek lunch 1: flake, potato cake, and pineapple fritter from the cheap and delicious fish 'n' chips shop nearby.

 photo IMG_2996_zps5c1ebb1e.jpg

Midweek lunch 2: Some healthy salad from The Nutrition Bar... I really disliked this one, the sight of it actually makes me want to barf... It just tasted so bland and left me with bad raw onion breath... I suppose it's a matter of personal taste though, because the girls sitting opposite me were raving about it. I've had a smoothie from here in the past and it was pretty gross too.

 photo IMG_3005_zpsa586ce16.jpg

Midweek lunch 3: A grilled haloumi sandwich from Cheerio, nothing but yumminess from this cafe (and Hella's across the road).

 photo IMG_3002_zps7758bbf1.jpg

Midweek dinner: My mom bought us pork ribs from a place called Rack(s?), they were yum.


 photo IMG_9435_zps9e00babc.jpg

My workmate (who sits beside me!) and I were coincidental Kloke twins on Friday, it was quite embarrassing at first but we came to embrace it, she suggested that we ought to do it more often.

 photo IMG_9436_zpsabb1d923.png

After work on Friday we headed into the city for a runway show for Melbourne Spring Fashion week... I left on my bike slightly earlier than the others and upon locking my bike in front of the venue, I had 5 photographers approach me for street snap photos! It was really bizarre, at one point I had three cameras snapping away at me simultaneously like paparazzi... One of the photographers were from so I'd be pretty stoked if I got featured on that site.

 photo IMG_3006_zps8ce1eae3.jpg

We got entry into the V.I.P. bar (Mecca did the make-up for MSFW) before the show where we had some champagne and nibbles.

 photo IMG_3010_zps1fcb7b7e.jpg
 photo IMG_3017_zps1c9abf33.jpg
 photo IMG_3025_zps1737a777.jpg

This runway show featured Melburnian brands such as Bul, Kuwaii, Limedrop, and Gorman... So none of that really out-there stuff you'd see at shows in the global fashion capitals, everything was very wearable.

 photo IMG_3029_zps2f9a42d4.jpg

After the show we went to Lucy Liu for drinks... It's crazy how a restaurant space can change so drastically, I've seen the space transform from Murasaki to PM24 and now, Lucy Liu. The place was buzzing, it was very Melbourne [ie. hipster]...


 photo IMG_3034_zps89f4e938.jpg
 photo IMG_3038_zps7e031c12.jpg
 photo IMG_3040_zps5b3ad7db.jpg

On Saturday Dean and I had lunch at Auction Rooms, it was my first time there... I wasn't expecting the menu to be that innovative so I was pleasantly surprised. My favourite part of my lunch was the side of Rostis I got, sooooo heavenly... I was very hesitant to give Dean a small taste of it.

 photo IMG_3031_zpse7a6cf6d.jpg

Also witnessed the selfie stick in action for the first time. Those girls spent maybe 20 minutes having their little photo session which I thought was amusing but I then realized that I was those girls when I was 15, ha.

After a walk around Errol st, Dean and I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. Every frame was like a photo from Tumblr... Pause the film at any moment and I bet it'd be a perfect picture. We both enjoyed it.

 photo IMG_3041_zps93dc7388.jpg
 photo IMG_3042_zps7981316c.jpg

We had dinner at Frying Colours. I didn't like how they didn't have complimentary side dishes like every other Korean restaurant (that's the best part of Korean cuisine!). Their fried chicken was yum but I wish it was more saucy, the kimchi stew was my favourite part.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers today.


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