November 22, 2014

Make it Magical! (*****)

Good Evening,

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Oops, 13 days have passed since my last post... and I haven't even been that busy! It's just that my inner bogan has come out to sit on the couch and watch Big Brother a few nights a week... I don't even know why I'm hooked, it's so boring.


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11/11 marked a year since I first set foot at Mecca for my internship... Crazy how fast time flies but also mad how much a company can grow in just a year. 


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A great little Malaysian restaurant opened up in my 'hood recently, Ipoh Parade. Probably the cheapest place to eat in Armadale but amongst the yummiest.


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Had another Brown Bag Lunch at work. The Future Lab came to speak about trend forecasts in the beauty industry.


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An amazing Virgin Mary and a sweet treat from Drugstore Espresso (formerly Crue? I think?) with a couple of workmates when we were in the area. After an afternoon in South Yarra my boss pointed out how nice everyone we had encountered was, and she was right! I actually wouldn't mind living in an apartment in South Yarra... Not the coolest place but I think it'd be convenient and safe!


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Popped into The Meatball and Wine Bar on my own sometime last week (?)... I'm totally capable of eating alone (and often do so) but it was a weird place to eat alone.


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One hot day our freezer at work got filled with a wonderful variety of ice creams! What a treat! I took two (there was more than enough to go around)...


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Wore my super comfy brushed silk pants by Gianna Molinaro for the first time... I usually prefer wearing skirts/dresses 'cos I don't like my legs and waist feeling restricted but these were so light and felt like pyjamas!


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Holiday catalogues are in stores now for Maxima and Cosmetica! That's my handwriting featured in the holiday promotion for Maxima. I didn't design the magazine but towards the end it was a team effort and above is a spread that I designed.


 photo IMG_3695-1.jpg

A public service announcement: The famous Spicy Chicken Soup from Hella's is going to come off the menu at the end of this month! I'm sooooo disappointed... This has actually reminded me to go back one last time for the soup.


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Dean and I had dinner at Roti House (?) on Friday before going to Highpoint. It was pretty delicious and super affordable.

I wanted to pop into Highpoint to see the holiday promotion in stores at Mecca Maxima as I had done a lot of work on it (particularly in-store graphics). Some of the following photos were taken at the Melbourne Central store as well:

 photo IMG_3768_2.jpg

My "Make it Magical" hand drawn type on the window.

 photo IMG_3780.jpg

Wall bays I designed. All the handwriting featured in store is by yours truly, ha.

 photo IMG_3701.jpg

Hotspots! Cute idea by a girl in VM to have the gold decals on the floor.

 photo IMG_3702-1.jpg


 photo IMG_3710.jpg

An edit bay.

I'm happy with how it looks and it definitely exceeded my expectations! I've said it before but I'll say it again, it's so good to work for a brand where I can use the colour pink to my heart's content...


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On Saturday Dean and I had lunch at Breakfast Thieves... My favourite part was the sweet treat that Dean bought to take away that I ended up eating most of.

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Since we were in the area we walked down to the Latin Festival.


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On Sunday one of my workmates who is doing a short photography course took photos of me on my bike for her assignment (Note: These aren't the final shots, just a couple I vsco-ed and the last one is unedited!). It was fun!

 photo IMG_3735_2.jpg
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That night I had dinner with my dad and his friend from America at Dalmatinos (?) It was very delicious but my tummy got really bloated (happened last time too!)... I could barely stand straight.


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Geez... I've been eating out a lot lately! My brother had his last exam so our mom took us out for dinner at Sugo. My seafood tortelini (?) was amazing, I wasn't starving so it was a good light choice.


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I was featured in the Kit e-mail on Tuesday! "Stop the press!"...


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Last night we had a Team Love dinner at Tonka. Team Love being the design department at work... Look at all the pretty faces I get to see every day!

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Pretty cocktails!

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 photo IMG_3791.jpg
 photo IMG_3792.jpg
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We went with the banquet and they brought out their most popular dishes. We got to choose our desserts but all seven of us went with the Golden Gaytime, Christine Masfield (?) was taking over the desserts at Tonka this week so we were lucky to be able to try them.


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I stayed in bed past midday today and even after I got up and ate spaghetti, I went and laid down on the couch... My mom came home with a bucket full of peonies that she had picked at a farm, very pretty!

Now... I entered one of those re-post competitions on Instagram earlier this week for a $600 Bul voucher... The winner is supposed to be announced today and I am feeling hopeful... I reckon I deserve it seeing as they have re-posted a couple of my photos in the past! Fingers crossed! Dean won yet another Instagram competition on Friday so hopefully he shares his luck with me.


November 9, 2014

Giddy Up. (*****)

Good Afternoon,

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Monday - After a productive day at work I met up with Monica and Shenia for dinner. We ended up at Gyoza Douraku where it's Izakaya (Japanese tapas) style with all dishes under $6.50, it was ideal for me because I was sooo hungry after not being able to eat my lunch that day.

 photo IMG_3390_zps702e800e.jpg

They have yummy cocktail jugs too!

 photo IMG_3394_zps38e5f215.jpg
 photo IMG_3395_zps4bb74c65.jpg
 photo IMG_3397_zpsc54e3b4a.jpg
 photo IMG_3401_zps76bc4bed.jpg

Some of the food we had. Pretty generous portions for $6.50 dishes.

We were able to not worry about the time because the next day was a public holiday due to The Melbourne Cup, yay!


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My dad was invited by the director of the Victoria Racing Club (?) and took me as his date to the Melbourne Cup! I'd never been into horse racing or the event (thus this was my first time) but where there is free food and drinks involved, I'll be there with bells on. The idea of dressing up for the event excited me too, I'm not gonna lie.

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This is the slug-like fascinator I mentioned in my last post. It's by Max Alexander and I got it from David Jones. It's kinda ugly in a charming way I think... It's also a little bit different in that it's not over embellished with feathers and netting.

 photo IMG_0290_zps8da12adf.jpg

I based my fascinator choice on a dress I had from Alpha 60 that Dean gave to me for my birthday last year, it's one of my favourite dresses but I haven't had the opportunity to wear it much because it's so fragile... An accidental Velcro encounter and it's ruined. I already had the shoes by SHIPS (Jpn) and bought a leather pouch with straps from Country Road for the occasion... A clutch may have been nice but I'm not the type of social person who attends a lot of clutch-carrying-events.... The pouch I can use in everyday life for sure. I was pretty happy with my outfit considering I hadn't seen it all together until the actual day of the races, it was all just working in my head... Glad that I could stick to the duotone (mono if black isn't a colour...?!), if I had brown, blonde, or red hair I don't think it would have looked as cohesive.

^ lol. What a long reflection on my outfit.

 photo IMG_3460_zps133019c2.jpg

We look the train to the racecourse, there was such a big crowd but all very orderly at that time.

 photo IMG_3482_zps80134ce4.jpg

We made our way to the committee room where I was relieved to see a lot of sensible looking people... I was a bit nervous about the whole networking thing but it was okay because each table had a host.

 photo IMG_0293_zps2343b557.jpg

For lunch we were put onto the Japanese business table (I think?), we sat with the Australian CEOs of Uniqlo, Muji, and Kagome. I sat next to the Uniqlo CEO who was easy to talk to... Having an interest in retail (ever since I started working in the industry!) and Uniqlo as a business, I was curious to see what he had to say about settling into the Australian market. I also had a word with the Muji CEO about how much I'd love for the Australian stores to stock more furniture and he said he'd import products in for me if I e-mailed him (I'm totally taking his word on this) - When I get my own place it's going to be "all Muji everything".

 photo IMG_3477_zps69d33498.jpg
 photo IMG_3478_zpsb7c96b66.jpg

The buffet lunch was a treat! I got to eat a lot of food that I don't usually get to eat and I didn't have to worry about my tummy in my loose fitting dress!

 photo IMG_3461_zps6063aaf6.jpg

Also, Eddie McGuire sat behind me, haha. 

 photo IMG_3490_zps3d1d0172.jpg

We had balcony seats for the big race, the view was pretty perfect! A lot of people around us had picked the winning horse so it was an exciting moment when #5 overtook the other horses in front of us to win the race.

 photo IMG_3519_zps45a766fc.jpg

The winning horse.

 photo IMG_3552_zps9f11d3cb.jpg

After the race my dad and I went outside of the committee room to explore.

 photo IMG_3563_zps9a552c2c.jpg

My dad's outfit! He had to rent a morning suit as it was a very strict dress-code. It was funny because most men in the committee room had to rent their morning suits and a lot of them had the exact same outfits.

We had a walk around the Bird Cage where all the not-as-sensible, very attractive race goers were (I think I would have died in that social environment)... It's where all the D-grade Aussie celebrities hang out... We saw Human Nature, and a bunch of fashion/beauty bloggers... I secretly wanted to bump into anyone from The Bachelor.

We took a taxi home where in line, I witnessed a lot of stumbling drunk girls not looking very glamorous in their frocks... The single guy standing behind us kept subtly burping as well.

Anyway, it was a nice day out! Thanks to my dad for taking me!

 photo IMG_3591_zpsd386aef8.jpg

Cony in my fascinator...


 photo IMG_3568_zps38fe3459.jpg

A few of us from work had burgers at Burger and Beer Bar for lunch the following day. I don't think I performed very well at work after that meal... I was in a bit of a food coma.

 photo IMG_0297_zpsecd6130c.jpg

Miss Papillion and her new friend parked below the stairs at work, so cute.


On Wednesday night after work I rode to Melbourne Uni to watch Shenia give her architecture presentation - I was really impressed with her work, so proud of her.

On the way home I decided to check out the RMIT Communication Design grad show (the course I graduated from last year).

 photo IMG_3576_zps0d910981.jpg
 photo IMG_3578_zpsb1914e7e.jpg
 photo IMG_3579_zps07cbbbf8.jpg
 photo IMG_3580_zps9cfbc830.jpg

It was pretty cool, not a lot of final work displayed but a visual delight nonetheless. They had free hotdogs by Massive Wieners too. I went in alone but I was pleasantly surprised to see several familiar faces around.


 photo IMG_3586_zps36719602.jpg
 photo IMG_3587_zps71f60a48.jpg

Had Laksa at Laksa Bar (Chapel St) with Dean on Thursday night. It was delicious! I don't really understand it's low rating on Urbanspoon! They have a weird interior and dirty toilets but I can't really fault the food or service we got there.


 photo IMG_3597_zps04333c6c.jpg

Shenia and I visited the South Melbourne market yesterday! We both did a little shopping at Gianna Molinaro, a Melbourne based fashion label. The garments they had on the racks reminded me of Bul (I love Bul!) but at a third of the cost. Shenia and I went crazy for the 100% silk pieces (that suede-like silk)! We got matching pants in different colours and I got a beautiful dress that I've already decided that I'll wear to my work Christmas party, haha. Showed my mom my purchases when I got home and she wants to go back with me next time... Who knew market shopping was so good?!

 photo IMG_3601_2_zps90eb3131.jpg

Shenia and I had lunch with a couple of other friends at Simply Spanish... The paella there was the best I've tasted in Melbourne! I could have easily had another plate of it! The white sangria there wasn't as alcoholic-tasting than other white sangrias I've had in the past so I liked them.

 photo IMG_3603_2_zps36c25890.jpg
 photo IMG_3604_zpsa2339172.jpg

We shared delicious desserts too.


I have to admit I've had a lack of sleep this past week... I've pretty much spent all of today lazing around and hope to get plenty of rest this coming week.


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